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CONVR2012 - Post Conference Tour

Post Conference Tour

Leader Hotel
Gathering: 07:00
Departure: 07:15

Howard Civil Service International House
Gathering: 07:15
Departure: 07:30

CONVR2012 participants are invited and strongly encouraged to take part in a day-tour after the conference, where they will get the chance to relax and discover Taiwan from different angles. The trip consists of travelling to beautiful Yilan County, which is approximately 40 km from Taipei; En route to Yilan, you will pass through the Snow Mountain Tunnel, the fifth longest tunnel in the world. You will then travel by boat from the Dong Shan River Park to the National Center for Traditional Arts, where you can experience traditional Taiwanese culture at a close distance. After having Langyang cuisine (renown in Yilan) for lunch, the participants will be taken to visit Luodong Forest, Lanyang Museum and Beiguan Park. We assure you the one-day trip will be an exciting and rich experience that will make your visit to Taiwan a memorable one. Be sure to not miss it. For further details regarding the sites you will visit please read through the rest of the itinerary.

National Center for Traditional Arts

The 24 acre facility, established in 2002, is situated downstream of the Dong Shan (Dong Mountain) River in Yilan. The site comprises of 21 buildings, ranging from traditional handcraft artist studios, to libraries, concert halls and theaters; all built and designed in attempt to preserve traditional Taiwanese arts. A variety of exhibitions are available ranging from folk arts to trades of patron guardians, old sculptures, ethnic paintings and so on. Every so often, outdoor events and parades are also held. Furthermore, guided tours are available if preferred but visitors are encouraged to roam where their hearts desire. Aside from the architecture and the performances done by artists and acrobats, visitors are also encouraged to visit the open areas that include the wetlands, inner river banks, botanical garden, self-guided nature trails and sewerage treatment area. One of the distinctiveness about this place is that modern shops such as Seven-Eleven convenience store can be found within the park, merging the new and the old.

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Beiguan Park

Beiguan Park, also known as Lancheng Park, is a coastal park located in the northeast of Taiwan. It is the entrance to Lanyang Plain, where two ancient cannons from the Qing Dynasty reside. The beautiful coastal scenery with geological features like cuesta formations and tofu rocks at Beiguan are the result of millions of years of erosion. Beiguan Tidal Park happens to be situated at the top of the largest cuesta, allowing the visitor a unique view of the seaside.




Lanyang Museum

Lanyang Museum’s unique architecture was inspired by natural elements found locally. Architect Kris Yao incorporated the cuesta, a gently tilting stone escarpment common to Taiwan’s northeast coast, into the building’s design, allowing the structure to blend into the natural environment. From a distance, it resembles a huge black boulder but up close, one can discover a place of unique beauty that coexists in harmony with the land.

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Snow Mountain Tunnel

En route to Yilan, you will pass through the Snow Mountain Tunnel. At 12.9 kilometers long, Snow Mountain tunnel is the second longest road-tunnel in Asia and the fifth longest in the world. The tunnel was built to improve access between the west and the east of the island in an attempt to tackle unbalanced development. It took a painstaking journey of 15 years and approximately 2.83 billion USD to complete a project that was nearly abandoned several times. 25 lives were lost during the process during numerous floods and collapses as cutting through the island’s second highest mountain was one of the hardest challenges ever faced in Taiwan. Upon completion of the project, once 2 hours-long journeys were reduced to just under 30 minutes, saving approximately 1 billion Taiwan Dollars annually on fuel costs, and a reduction of 50,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. What is considered unique about Snow Mountain tunnel is that it has its own dedicated radio station that broadcasts announcements regarding the tunnel, rules that must be adhered to whilst driving through the tunnel and music.

Diagram of the tunnel
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Tour Date: November 3, 2012 (Saturday)
Departure Time: 07:30 AM
Departure Point: Hotel Lobby (Leader hotel & Howard Civil Service International House)
Duration: 11 hours
Tour Fare: NT$ 3,000
Tour Stops:

  • 7:30-8:30 Taipei-Yilan
  • 9:00 Take boat from Dong Shan River Park to National Center for Traditional Arts
  • 9:30 National Center for Traditional Arts
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Luodong Forest
  • 15:30 Lanyang Museum, Beiguan Park
  • 17:30-18:30 Yilan-Taipei
Includes:Bus transportation, lunch, tour guide, tickets and travel insurance.
Excludes:Dinner, tips and any other personal expense(s).
Disclaimer: In accordance with the Tourism Bureau requirements, travel agencies and other organizers have the right to modify and/or to stop the activity if faced with unforeseen circumstances, such as natural hazards.